Old Hollywood Wedding Cake

I got married in September this year, and had my best friend, Liz Marek of Artisan Cake Company & The Sugar Geek Show make my cake for my big day. She made three flavors, Lemon Rosemary cake with Marionberry filling (So OREGON), Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, and a pink champagne cake with strawberry filling. All were amazing!!!

The cake was a hit, and everyone kept complimenting how beautiful and grand it was. Here are a few pictures from our wedding of the this detailed and so glam cake. It made me cry, I didn’t see it until I walked into the reception. If you’re going to trust anyone to make a perfect cake for you, she’s the one to do it and here’s the proof:


Liz, as usual did a YouTube video on this cake and I believe has more advanced lessons available on this same cake on her new website Sugar Geek Show.

Here is a sneak peak – time lapse!

Behind the Scenes of a Early Morning News Show

This morning I woke up bright and early, well…not so bright, but definitely early. At my best friend Liz’s house. I had contacted Drew Carney of KGW Northwest News Channel 8 in Portland, OR to ask him if he could possibly do a segment on Liz’s Savor Cakes and her Kickstarter.com program. Where she is trying to raise funds to open up her own yummy Savor Cake food cart here in Portland. She’s now at almost $7k, which is still $5k away from her goal, and she has only until Thursday morning at 9:38 am, east coast time. So I woke up and helped her as much as I could and was mostly there for support and see it all in action, plus…I mean…Liz DID where a Nimbi hair piece that I made specifically for her and this tv spot.

And here are a few shots from the morning spot:

Help PLEDGE money towards Savor + Cakes, a new food cart coming to Portland!

My amazingly talented friend Liz, of Artisan Cake Company (whom I’ve blogged about before,with her talented 3D sculptured cakes and toppers), has started a new venture that came out of her needing to find ways to have a better wholesome meal during her busy days making cakes and toppers. She didn’t want to just grab some fast food nearby, or eat bits and pieces of cakes and cupcakes all day long…so she put the idea of Savor Cakes together, which combines the yummy flavors of hearty savory comfort foods, like Macaroni and Cheese, Biscuits and Gravy, Chicken Pot Pie, and even Lasagna all in a compact form like a cupcake. She started creating tons of flavors and has an entire menu that you can see on her website at: SavorCakes.com (<—you should go check out all the awesome yumminess on their…WARNING it will make you hungry!!)

Liz is even going to add something that is seriously lacking in the Portland Food Cart Pod Community….BREAKFAST. Especially downtown (which is where I work) there really isn’t a good quick place to go to and get a yummy savory real breakfast style food, except for a Starbucks here and there…but that gets old, and really, isn’t’ that great for you. Just look at the yummy things you can eat for breakfast from the pic above. I mean..a bacon and cheese omelet, and one that you can hold on your hand and eat on the way to work, cuz its compact and easy to eat.

Liz has brought Savor Cakes to cater at parties and other social events. They are always instantly gone, and you can see peoples eyes looking around to see if anyone will notice them grabbing seconds. They are delectable and tasty, warm and toasty and fresh out of her awesome infrared oven! So its just like getting it right out of your oven at home, but faster!

So here’s the deal. She has started a Kickstarter.com website. Kickstarter is a website that lets people show their projects and allows other people to see them, and offer a pledge of a donation. No money is taken out until she reaches her goal. She has 45 days to reach her goal of $12,000. And her description for her money needs and what everything goes to, and how the kickstarter program works is in her video. She is offering awesome thank you’s & rewards for the different levels of donations. The best part is you can pledge as little as $1. And honestly, every dollar helps. It’s all or nothing, if she doesn’t reach her goal, she doesn’t receive any of the donations pledged. (It’s sort of like a Jog-A-Thon, you remember, those fun things we kids did back in school…people pledge money for the number of laps you run/jog, if you reach that number you get their pledge money).

Right now Liz is only 12% of the way there, and still has about 30 days to go. If you can spare any amount of money to help her reach her dream, of opening her own food cart and sharing her yummy, savory cupcakes with her city of Portland, it would mean the world, to her and me. I hope you can help, and if you can’t pledge money, try sharing her link around your office, or with friends…because there could be someone else that might be able to help her out too.

Thanks for you support.

And Liz, GOOD LUCK girl….ohhh, can I have a Mac and Cheese Savor Cake for lunch please? 🙂

Her Kickstarter Page to make a donation CLICK HERE

Savor Cakes Blog/Website CLICK HERE

You can also follow Savor Cakes on Facebook and Twitter @SavorCakesCart

***UPDATE!! Liz will be featured in this next Sunday’s publication of FOODDAY in the Oregonian!! So get a copy and check it out!!





My Bestie Does Cakes…like REALLY!!

This is one of my best friends in the whole world, Liz. I know you’ve seen her with me in San Francisco, and in a few other posts I’ve been writing. So I felt it was time to introduce you. Liz is the one that I have being my “accountabilabuddy”. She is a trained graphic designer like myself, loves working with her hands and is an amazing artist. Her ability to mimic what she see’s is astonishing! I’m constantly amazed and impressed by what she produces.
It was just a couple years ago now, she started making little tiny fondant decorated cakes for friends of ours, who were having bridal showers, which lead to her wanting to make her friends and family birthday cakes, to her realizing she had a real gift, and she loved what she was doing. I knew immediately Liz knew she found her calling. A cake decorator. Honestly, I don’t like calling her that, I like calling her more of a Cake Artist & Engineer. She decided to start her own business and after awhile decided that was what she was going to do full time, after working at other bakeries. She became the owner of Artisan Cake Company. It honestly didn’t take long for people to start finding her online and sending in requests and then name dropping her to others.
She’s really done well for herself and has a lot of aspirations for the future of her talents and her company. I can’t wait to watch behind the curtain to see where she goes. I sorta feel like I could blog about her everyday. She’s just THAT good, and with all the new cakes and cake/cupcake toppers she makes, there’s always SOMETHING awesome to share…hmm maybe I should devote a mini section on the side bar of Liz’s latest & greatest (which would be everything). A great thing is Liz has been going to pastry school, to really get all the fundamentals of being a pastry chef and baker down. Now she’s making up recipes! It’s crazy to see how much she’s grown. (I think I’m starting to sound like a proud mama…lol).Either way check her out! ORDER CAKES FROM HER! SPREAD THE WORD! DO IT! NOW!…….. please?! 🙂
Here is a mini sample of a few of my favorites that she has posted on her site. I’m sure in the near future you’ll see her on TV, hosting her own show. (Watch out Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss, there’s a NEW girl in town!). I’ve also attached a couple of video’s she’s made for tv show try-0uts. You’ll get to see her awesome personality in action to…and see why I love her so much! 🙂 How’d I get so lucky?
Her Website & Blog : ArtisanCakeCompany.com
Her Etsy: etsy.com/shop/artisancakecompany.com

Blog Not Forgotten

I have somehow misplaced my camera uploader. And because of that I am lacking in images for my blog, even though I keep taking the pictures. I promise to have some serious blogging back up soon! It’s been sort of a crazy couple of weeks to keep up. But I’ll make up with old and new blogs soon. Sorry! But here is a quick little list of what has happened and what is going to happen soon:

Muse Poster Contest! Congrats to my friend Liz Marek, for winning!
Here is a video of me and Liz with MUSE (my fave band on the planet!)
Muse Announcing Poster Winner

I will have more pictures soon from this event and the gallery show opening the previous Thursday.

Also, I will be teaching a Card Making class  at The Portland Paper Zone on April 17th! Check out the website http://www.paperzone.com/classes/calendar.cfm?Store=25 for more information on my class and others! Don’t forget to pre-sign up to receive a discount for you and your friends! Classes also include a 15% off coupon for anything in the store!

I’ll be posting up more images on my blog about the pieces I plan on selling in my soon to be Etsy.com shop. So stay tuned.

Im also looking for great office/craft space ideas, on ways other people organize their work area’s. I feel like Im at a loss on the best way to get started with my space. I will post a pic of what I have to work with and hopefully get some feedback from you guys on what would best suit my needs. 🙂

Muse Concert: AMAZING!! I just want to say that the band and their concert was probably the best experience I’ve had in a long time! They are incredible live, and again I have video and pics from their show that I plan on posting soon. Im hoping this weekend.

How-to’s on card making, and other projects coming soon! PROMISE! LOL!

Thanks for checking my blog, and I hope you keep coming back to check out more stuff soon.