Post No. 2 : The Mother and the Bride – “The Dress”

239 Days Until the Wedding

Today I found “THE dress”. I can’t believe I have my wedding dress. The process was surprisingly not as frustrating as I had imagined. I think what helped is that I went in being open minded and not really knowing what would look best on me. Sure, there were dresses I’d seen in Portland Bride & Groom or Oregon Bride Magazine, but Im not a model, Im not even close to being tall at 5 feet 3 inches. My eyes were drawn to dresses that were fitted, lacey and classic looking. Timeless you could say. So I started where many girls start. Pinterest. I started typing in classy, classic, timeless, lacey, elegant, vintage, gatsby, old hollywood, etc. I started pinning beautiful gowns, like these:

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Gorgeous Right? But how do I know what I AM going to look like in any of these styles? So, I decided to set a date aside, and get the people that matter most to me and put them in a room and just have fun and try all different styles on.

I KNOW! I KNOW! “But Devan! You shouldn’t have more than a couple people because of all the opinions!” Well…since I didn’t have my heart set on anything yet, I just figured I take in all those opinions knowing it was my first time even putting on a dress, and I just wanted to see what my options were and my friends and family were there to see me put on a wedding dress for the first time. What happened? Well…surprisingly my Mom and Grandmother loved EVERYTHING I picked out (RIGHT? After watching many episodes of “Say Yes! To The Dress” I was worrying about that more than anything.)  My friends…sure. They had their opinions, liked things I didn’t really like, or didn’t really like something I did. But ultimately it didn’t matter. I knew that if I found the dress that made ME say “Yes!!” Then everyone would just know and agree. (And if they didn’t then there’s $80/person for dinner I’m saving at the Reception! Hehehe. Just kidding.)

Well what came out of it was that I found not only a designer, but a cut of dress that fit my figure, height and style. So now I had something to go off of. I went online and did my research. I ended up falling in love with Casablanca & CB Couture. Everything just felt so detailed and elegant. After a couple days of searching on their website. I found one. COULD IT BE IT?!? What is the price? I have NO IDEA! OHHHHHHH Why oh why couldn’t they have THIS dress somewhere?!? I called the bridal shop I’d gone too, Anna’s Bridal in Lake Oswego. An amazing and classy bridal gown shop with AMAZING consultants! Not to mention the AMAZING Anna herself! Such a beautiful and sweet woman.


Anna’s Bridal: “Nope, sorry, we don’t have that one in our store yet.”
Me: “Nooo. Do you know where I’d be able to try this dress on or how to?”
Anna’s Bridal: “Sure you can borrow the dress. We’ll order it from the Designer, and have it on loan in our shop for a week for you to come in and try it on and see it in person. It’s a $50 loan fee.”

I about died! I can DO THAT? I thought. I got super excited realizing that I could get this dress brought to me and try it. So, after some waiting…TODAY was the day. I got to try on THE Dress.

This time I just brought my Mom and Dad along. Normally I’d probably not have my Dad involved in getting my wedding dress, but my Dad knows his stuff with what is classy and elegant, plus I wanted to see in his eyes which one made him choke-up. So I tried on the 2 I had loved before, and showed him. He loved those ones as well. My Mom STILL loved those dresses too. And me? Seeing them again, I forgot how much I had loved them. And how beautiful they were in person. Then came the moment…


There it was. Hanging on the perfect wooden hanger. Right in front of me. The Dress. The one I saw online that one I just realized might just be it. I put it on. Looked up in the mirror. A smile came over my face, and I couldn’t stop! Its “THE Dress” I thought. I opened the curtains for my parents to see it, and I knew they could see it in my face, I was in love. My Dad got that look in his eyes. My mom said “Oh wow!”. And I said “Yes to THE Dress”.


I’m obviously NOT going to post the dress yet. You’ll just have to wait for 239 Days from now when everyone else gets to see it for the first time.

Thank you Anna’s Bridal, Anna and Katie for helping me today! You made the experience painless and fun. It was so exciting.


Photos from Anna’s Bridal on Facebook & Pinterest

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