Snow White Themed First Birthday Party

I made it a point to completely do my daughter’s first birthday party completely on my own. I have been so looking forward to the day I get to make her first birthday cake and invite family and friends over to celebrate. Since I used to work for Disney several years ago, and I’ve grown up loving Disney and the princesses, my first favorite being Snow White. I decided to theme her birthday party with Disney’s First Princess, and it came together SO WELL.

I pulled in some elements from the movie and used Save on Crafts as well as an amazing Etsy shop called Beyond The Poison Apple for a few props. I did all the baked goods myself, decorations, paper goodies and design myself as well. The photography was done by Rebecca Niko of Aniko Productions here in Portland, and she did such a great job! OH! And Fiona’s dress and my apron were ALSO found on Etsy! Such a great deal, and arrive in just a couple days! Check out this awesome Etsy seller’s shop and all her Disney aprons and costumes: Lover Dovers Clothing .

Fiona-Birthday002 Fiona-Birthday001 Fiona-Birthday012 Fiona-Birthday022 Fiona-Birthday016 Fiona-Birthday019 Fiona-Birthday021 Fiona-Birthday027 Fiona-Birthday015 Fiona-Birthday014 Fiona-Birthday025 Fiona-Birthday026 Fiona-Birthday028 Fiona-Birthday035 Fiona-Birthday034 Fiona-Birthday037 Fiona-Birthday038 Fiona-Birthday039 Fiona-Birthday041 Fiona-Birthday044 Fiona-Birthday045 Fiona-Birthday046 Fiona-Birthday048 Fiona-Birthday049 Fiona-Birthday054 Fiona-Birthday069 Fiona-Birthday071 Fiona-Birthday072 Fiona-Birthday073 Fiona-Birthday120 Fiona-Birthday122 Fiona-Birthday132 Fiona-Birthday137

**If you want advice on how to make carmel apples or cake pops I highly recommend watching this lovely lady, Karla Celis on YouTube! She makes it so easy!

3 thoughts on “Snow White Themed First Birthday Party

  1. Dee Dee

    How absolutely charming! Lovely First Birthday for your daughter, Fiona. You thought this out in advance and pulled it all together so artistically and creatively.

    Dee Dee


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