Marry Me! 2014 Bridal Show

This is one of the most gorgeous Bridal Shows I’ve ever gone to. Luxe Event Productions knows how to make a truly amazing show! They get a ton of amazing local vendors who are not just good, but great at their work, and they put them together in what feels like a very exclusive and wonderful group and they get to show brides from the area what they can offer. This was a great opportunity and my first show ever. It was so fun, and I got so many compliments from brides and other vendors. I can’t wait to do another one.

Here is a few pictures from the show, of my table, some laser cut work I did, as well as a few other vendor tables I helped on. Enjoy!

1558541_632962866740511_1718176594_n262716_632962150073916_1064893325_n 998156_632962316740566_588161623_n 1535744_632962153407249_1449067304_n 1545778_632962216740576_431426983_n 1551669_632962336740564_1932940421_n  1609644_632962290073902_1965589005_n 1619313_632962380073893_1045987879_n 1622685_632962223407242_534355133_n 1743637_632962256740572_958706464_n 1743741_632962293407235_453130477_n 1780857_632962356740562_1047726049_n

3886_632154160154715_1357725794_n 1538882_632154196821378_433814531_n

1779313_600819749972061_1247496463_n 1381629_600819703305399_1145667870_n

1622671_600819706638732_308295213_n 1601546_600819553305414_1132751504_n

1545553_582703721811723_1333854225_n 1661826_582703751811720_421773401_n

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