My Enchanted Forest Woodland Themed Baby Shower

My best friend Liz Marek, owner of Artisan Cake Company and my closest friends and family helped me create the most amazing and gorgeous baby shower I could ever imagine. I didn’t want a typical pink shower for a girl, and wanted to try to have something that reflected the nursery and the theme I was trying to go with was a fairy tale woodland creatures in a forest. Thinking about nature and my favorite Disney Princess movies, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty…I visualized the scenes of them in the forest singing to their woodland friends. So after a few months of gathering things as I found them, and Liz sketching and doing some research on her own to find some awesome supplies, and our extensive Pinterest board for inspiration we had things ready. We had a couple craft days and between my mom, friends, and other family we set up an amazing shower. It was so perfect I just wanted to live in the environment we created forever!

If you click on this link you will be directed to Liz’s blog on her website about the shower with more details of where she got some supplies and things.

Liz’s Blog Post

Most of the paper goods I made myself except for a few exceptions of things I bought from Paper Source which happened to have some adorable fox, owl and other woodland creature supplies that I had to get!

To see my blog post showing my coordinating shower invitations I did click this link:

DSC01767DSC01768  DSC01769

DSC01773DSC01771 DSC01774 DSC01775 DSC01770 DSC01779 DSC01778 DSC01765DSC01781DSC01782DSC01783DSC01761DSC01755DSC01735 DSC01747 DSC01746 DSC01739DSC01762 DSC01763DSC01819 DSC01822DSC01757 DSC01797 DSC01796 DSC01795 DSC01794

DSC01760 DSC01759 DSC01758 DSC01809 DSC01808DSC01836DSC01929DSC02032

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