Just Had Our Maternity Photos Taken

I hired my friend Katie, who is the owner of Katie Shroy Photography. She is truly amazing. I had her take some pics of me at 7 mos. pregnant on my 30th birthday with my fiance. We just got them back this last weekend and they turned out perfect! I am so happy with them. Katie is also expecting, and is about a month ahead of me with her first, a little boy, then a month later I’ll have my little girl. So we got a picture together along with our male Boston Terriers, Gizmo and Mac.

Devan - Maternity-69

Here are a few of my favorite photos from that day! I highly recommend her if you live in Eugene to Portland area of Oregon.

Devan - Maternity-2 Devan - Maternity-9 Devan - Maternity-19 Devan - Maternity-23 Devan - Maternity-28 Devan - Maternity-34 Devan - Maternity-55 Devan - Maternity-56 Devan - Maternity-62 Devan - Maternity-63 Devan - Maternity-66 Devan - Maternity-68

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