My OWN Baby Shower Invitations

So my mom, grandmother and best friend are throwing me my baby shower, but I just had to do the invitations. This is my first kid, a little girl who we’ve decided to name Fiona Vittoria. And it just felt wrong to have someone else design them, when its what I do. So here are a few pictures of the theme and finished invitations plus some sneak peaks of some of the stuff I have already for the shower. Her nursery is “Enchanted Woodland Creature” themed… no pink (because I can’t stand it), so lots of teals, yellow, grey and greens. A lot of this stuff has had to be custom because most things related to girls are always pink, and I can’t have that. 🙂 hehe.

DSC01669 DSC01674  DSC01679 DSC01680 DSC01681 DSC01682 DSC01683 DSC01684

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