A Fun Way to Ask My Girls to Be Apart of My Big Day

A few years back, a girlfriend of mine wrote me a cute little card, asking me to be in her wedding as a bridesmaid…and I just remembered the impact it had on me, and that I just cried, thinking “How lucky am I that, this friend who I never get to see anymore (because of distance) wants ME to be in her wedding.” I always decided I wanted to do something like that when my time came to ask some of my closest ladies to be in my wedding.

I started out by looking online at what was done by other brides, and tried to come up with something, that seemed “me” but would be special to them too. I found these gorgeous best friend necklaces that I bought on Etsy at a shop called Popsicledrum. I just loved the simplicity and meaning behind them, so I bought 6.

Then I started to design the cards…I made this fun little 4 card collection where it has information about the dresses, the duties and the important dates to remember. Because I am not getting married for over a year, I wanted to get these out so the girls knew they were going to be in my wedding, but obviously dont have any dates set yet, so I created a “fill-in” option for them to add the dates as they are confirmed.

Here are the final pics of those cards. I have to tell you, many of my friends messaged me in tears with excitement and compliments on how special they felt and how much they loved the way I asked them. It just made it THAT much more special. 🙂

What do you think?

DSC01648 DSC01649 DSC01651 DSC01653 DSC01654 DSC01656 DSC01661 DSC01662 DSC01663 DSC01665 DSC01666 DSC01667 DSC01668


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