What are average prices for Wedding Invitations?

I found this blog that sort of helps to break down the costs, and how you can manage to find better solutions for your budget. This kind of helps explain too why I can offer such competitive prices as an online seller, and as a buyer brides can save money with me to get very customized pieces that they would probably pay thousands for at a local print shop.


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The wedding invitations are the couple’s way to communicate the upcoming celebration. The cards do not only invite guests but also give them an idea on what your wedding will be. Say for example a formal invitation. It tells not only the details of the wedding but also passes the note that the celebration will be an elegant black tie affair.

Depending on your choice, wedding invitations can be cheap or expensive. This article will discuss how much wedding invitations cost.

The Cost of Wedding Invitations

The Bridal Association of America says that the average cost of wedding invitations is $659. This refers to invitations that have printed envelopes, reply cards, and printer reply card envelopes. However, some brides and grooms spend more while others less depending on the type of invitation they choose and the number of invitations they need.

If we check the cost of wedding invitations per piece, the usual price range is $1 to $10. So a wedding that needs 100 pieces of invitations can cost $100 to $1,000 for wedding invitations. Here are some of the most common wedding invitation types and how much they usually cost for 100 pieces:

  • $135 for a simple one-panel wedding invitation card.
  • $220 for an ornate wedding invitation that uses average-quality paper and designed with a wrap-style fold.
  • $274 for a higher quality invitation card that is inserted into a pocket frame.
  • $500 to $1,200 for a textured wedding invitation card.
  • $1,700 for thermographic wedding cards.
  • $2,700 for thermographic cards that are engraved.

What Affects the Price of Wedding Invitations?

Several factors affect the overall price of wedding invitations. They are as follows:

  • Type. Based on the price detailed above, the type of wedding invitation you choose will affect the cost of the cards. The simpler the materials are, the cheaper the invitations will be. The higher quality materials you choose and the more ornate the cards are, the higher the cost will become.
  • Design. Custom made wedding invitations tend to be more expensive than simple cards. Following a given template can mean a cheaper invitation while requesting for a different kind of design and shape can mean a more expensive card. In fact, even colored texts on the wedding invitations can already affect the prices. The same is true if you want to add photos and other images.
  • Quantity. How many wedding invitations do you need? The quantity will usually affect the cost of the overall expenses on the invitations. More often than not, print shops price the invitations lower the more number of invitations you order from them.
  • Printer. The printer can greatly affect the cost of your wedding invitation. For instance, engraved-style printers usually charge more than thermographic and offset printers. The cheapest of all is doing the invitations yourself. Printing the cards from a home inkjet or laser printer costs a lot less. Other people who really want to save on the cost of wedding invitations decide to write their cards. However, this is usually not a common practice these days anymore.
  • Accessories. Getting accessories for your wedding invitations can add up to the cost of your cards. This includes bows, jackets, and other kinds of embellishments. Getting materials like this can cost more. Plus, assembly fees may be necessary.

Where to Get Your Wedding Invitations?

There are a lot of places where you can get your wedding invitations made. Your choice will basically be guided depending on your wedding budget.

  • Large stationery stores. Most large stationers work with major printers and so their prices are usually more competitive. Plus, there are a lot of variations of invitations and samples that you can choose from.
  • Independent stationer or printer. Small print shops can offer you fewer choices but they usually offer better customization services.
  • Department store. Wedding-stationery services of most department stores offer wedding invitations, only that all of them are ready-made designs.
  • Online stationers. A lot of websites offering wedding invitations are widely available in the Internet these days. The best websites even have hundreds of selections of styles, papers, and even high quality printing at very competitive prices. Plus, they are open 24/7 so you have no time limitations when shopping for your cards.
  • Mail-order catalogs. You can choose from their wide selection of wedding invitation styles and order them to the printing company directly. Getting your cards from them can mean convenience and quick turnover, not to mention yet unbeatable prices.
  • Graphic designer. If you are looking for a highly customized design for less the price, seeking the help of a graphic designer is the best bet. Once the design is ready, you can already bring it to a printer.

Shopping for Wedding Invitations

When shopping for wedding invitations, remember these things:

  • Determine your budget as early as possible as well as the number of invitations you need. Knowing both these details will help you plan your budget in terms of what design, material, and kind of printing you need for the invitations. Once this is established, that’s the only time you can go looking for supplies or for printers who can do the invitations for you.
  • Shop depending on your budget. If you have a limited budget, you do not want to go to specialized stores. If you plan to print the cards at home, shop online for your wedding stationery and supplies. On the other hand, you can look from one invitation supplier to another to find the best deals for your allotted budget.
  • Match the style of your wedding invitations with the kind of wedding you are holding. You can choose from formal, semi-formal, romantic, or funky depending on the wedding you are envisioning. Moreover, the colors and design of the invitations must also reflect the theme and colors of your wedding.
  • Always order extra invitations to cover last minute guests or people you have forgotten to invite in the first place.

Save Money on Wedding Invitations

If you want to save on the wedding invitations, consider the following tips:

  • Make the invitations yourself. There is nothing wrong designing your own invitations especially if you know your way with computers. Then, print the invitations on a good quality paper using your home printer.
  • Address the envelopes using your handwriting. Printed envelopes can add up to the cost of your wedding invitations. So if you have a legible handwriting, consider writing on the envelopes. Or, you can ask a friend to do this favor for you.
  • Most online printers price their invitations cheaper, especially for smaller orders. Order your invitations from reliable online printers. Most of the time, basic invitations from them are priced around a dollar per piece only.
  • Look for discount packages. A lot of companies offer discounts on bulk and complete packages as compared to choosing every detail of your invitation separately.

Wedding invitations may not be as costly as other wedding essentials like clothes and reception. However, they still require careful planning and budgeting. Decide on your budget now and start shopping for your invitations. Best wishes!

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    I agree with you. This is best idea to save money on wedding invitations cards. Always use design cards and personalize this. You can send 250 Cards in good price. Online cards save your time and money.


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