WhenGeeksWed.com Posted My Game of Thrones Invitations!

Im so excited about this! I absolutely love this website and blog WhenGeeksWed.com, because it’s all about fun geeky people who love pop culture and great nerdy things like gaming, and awesome movies, books and tv series like Game of Thrones and get married with that as part of their wedding theme!! Check out the write up HERE.

I decided to design some invitations with that kind of style in mind, and started with one of my favorite tv series right now that I’m OBSESSED with, Game of Thrones. I’m going to make invites for a couple more houses but I started out with 2 of my favorites, The House of Stark, and The House of Targaryen. These were those invitations:

RusticWOOD_FULL_GofT_Targaryen RusticWOOD_Invitations_GofT_Stark RusticWOOD_Invite_GofT_Stark RusticWOOD_INVITE_GofT_Targaryen RusticWOOD_INVITE2_GofT_Targaryen RusticWOOD_RSVP_GofT_Stark RusticWOOD_STD_GofT_Stark RusticWOOD_STD_GofT_Targaryen

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