I Designed My Very Own Font! You can too!

EEEK! I’m so stoked about this!! Yes, thats right…I said YOU can design your very own font, and be able to use it on your computer in just minutes. All you need is an iPad, and $6.99. Go to the App store and download the app “iFontMaker“.

This app was so easy to use, you don’t even have to have any artistic talent, just your finger and tracing skills. The best part of this app is no 2 fonts are exactly alike because its YOUR handwriting. Adjusting the fonts and editing mistakes, uploading, everything is so incredibly easy. From downloading the app to typing with my font on the computer, was 30 min. I give it a 9/10 for best apps!

“Calligraphy for Reo” is the first font I created using the app, check it out (you can also download it here):

Calligraphy for Reo


Here is the App interface:



Below is the UI after I’ve finished all my letters in the alphabet using their guide, you can see the light grey template for me to use and then my white font I used on top of that layer. Above the writing area, you can see my font with a phrase I typed to see what it looks like. I can go back and make edits, if letters aren’t connecting correctly or I change my mind on the way I drew out a letter. EXTREMELY user friendly!


Preview of font


Here is a video tutorial that Eiji & Tom (creators) did to show you how the app works, and all the neat things you can do to make your very own font! I’m addicted to this app now, and I hope you try it out and enjoy it as much as I do! Way to go Eiji & Tom!!! You guys kick-ass!!

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