Are YOU on the NEW MySpace?

I got invited to the New Myspace yesterday. I have 7 invites available for those followers who are interested in checking it out and dying for an invite.

So far Im loving it. The best feature has to be the Mixes you can make for yourself. Any song you want, title the mix what you want, personalize it with photos and share it! Its great. The interface of the design is pretty gorgeous. I love clean and “non-traditional” looking social media sites.  There are a few drawbacks I’ve seen like:

1. It’s not super easy to find friends and add them.

2. There is no photo-gallery ALBUMS. I like to organize my photos into folders, so this is more Tumblr.-like or Instagram like.

3. It’s new…so there is obviously a learning curve. But it’s so unique you WANT to learn it. At least I do. But I’m still trying to figure out things and I’ve had it for almost 24 hours now.

MY new MySpace.

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