Green Bay Packers Robbed…

As a HUGE Green Bay Packer fan, and stock owner of the team I’ve loved since I was 10 years old…Im absolutely frustrated by tonights football game. The only people I’ve seen that are saying it was fair and the Hawks ball are Seahawks fans and Bear fans. It’s unfortunate that people can’t see what is so obvious in front of them. I just wanted to post about it in my blog, because I finished tonights game with a bad taste in my mouth. The NFL needs to get the ref thing figured out…and the Seahawks really should have better sportsmanship with their win, instead of gloating. I’m from the NW and we don’t roll like that up here, and Im disappointed in the way the handled winning the game.

On the other hand, I just want to send out my appreciation to my team, the Packers. For their awesome gentleman like behavior in such a bad moment. You could have left, and you all marched back out there and put your helmets on for the field goal kick. You walked away like gentlemen, and did your interviews. You were obviously disappointed, but handled it like the team I love, and Im proud to call you MY team. Im so bummed I didn’t make it out there to see the game in person, because you were FINALLY in my hood. But, I respect you all, Jennings, Rodgers, McCarthy, Raji, and the rest of the team, you guys know what true sportsmanship is, and a lot of other teams should look to you as role models. You’re all still number one in my world. Always will be.


Watch for yourself here, if you missed it:


Yahoo! Sports says:–nfl.html


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