VOTE! Make a friend of mine’s DREAMS come true!!

This is Liz. I have written about her many times before on my blog about how talented, creative and inspirational she is to me. This time, really…is no different. EXCEPT…all of her hard work and dedication could be REALLY paying off! She’s auditioned and has become one of 3 competitors who are up for the 13th spot for TLC‘s Next Great Baker for THIS Fall Season 3.

I truly don’t know what else to say, that her work can’t say for her…so basically this is a collection of all she’s done in the last few years working up to this moment, for her to be on National TV and to be recognized for her amazing talent and creativity. And to hopefully win Season 3, and use the prize to open up her VERY own bakery, right here in Portland, OR!

YOU CAN HELP! She just needs your vote. She has until the end of this week to get as many votes as possible to become the 13th contestant on this season! If the images of her hard work doesn’t inspire you to vote…maybe hearing it in her own words will, visit her blog here:  Artisan Cake Company.


You can also see other videos from previous auditions and her HOW TO’s on her YouTube Channel here: LIZZOMAREK YouTube Channel

And now…a compliation of some of her work:



Here is one of her Season 3 audition videos:

GOOD LUCK LIZ!!!! You really do deserve this! I hope that everyone out there votes and see’s the talent you have and why you should be The NEXT Great Baker. But truly…even if you don’t make it…YOU ALREADY ARE! 🙂 Congratulations on all your accomplishments and how far you’ve come! You are one determined and driven woman! You deserve the best.


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