“Heavy Metal” T-shirt I Designed


So, the office/company I’ve been working for since 2007 (wow…thats been awhile!) has this very unique culture. One that I have deep appreciation for and love dearly. We aren’t the typical office, with many of our employees are in different genre’s of bands, and since I don’t even know HOW long…we’ve had these awesome traditions that include…weekly “Cookie Time”, “Beer Time” (we have 2 kegs in our office’s break room area, and we all tend to gather there around 4:30-6:30 for some pints and socializing, usually about work stuff), and last but definitely not least…”Metal T-shirt Fridays”…its recommended that you wear your favorite Metal band t-shirt, which over the years has grown to envelope other musical genre’s as well as long as you wear a band shirt. We even have a conference room by the name of “Court of the Crimson King”, where one wall is covered with these amazing Metal album covers on a black wall.

About a month or 2 ago, me and the other Portland designer in our office were asked to come up with a design for a “Company t-shirt” that would be Heavy Metal inspired. We held our weekly Metal T-shirt Meetings at 4:30 PM in the Court of the Crimson King conference room, each with a pint of beer to discuss important design business. We used the wall of albums as inspiration and started to come up with some ideas.

One small factoid, thats changed in our company in the last 21-22 (?) years, is that almost 2 years ago now…we were acquired by eBay, inc. as a talent acquisition, for their mobile app team. The best thing though, is they’ve allowed us to keep our awesome culture, and its really grown on a lot of the traditional eBay employees, and now you’ll see even some of them wearing metal/band shirts on Friday’s now too! Especially if they come up to our office. But the point of the shirt was unity, and team. We are now ONE company, and we wanted to create a fun t-shirt that people would be proud to wear and had a day/reason to wear their shit weekly if they wanted. So the Metal theme commenced.

CPS (Critical Path Software), the name of our company before eBay, had this fish bone in our logo (that I also re-designed a couple of years ago):


The fish comes from the owner of CPS, and his passion for a book by R. Buckminster Fuller, called “Critical Path“.


Anyways…the fish is sort of an icon for us “oldies” or “orignal CPSers”…and we wanted to incorporate that into the shirt design, since ultimately our CPS logo is going away, since we are eBay now. One of the guys on the team came up with the idea of giving the fish wings…because we are now a “Mobile” company…so as we started hashing out ideas…I started sketching…adding little hidden company things into the design, and ultimately ended up with this shirt design, that we all received last Friday, and everyone was SOOO excited! The best part, was we ladies on the team pointed out, that a lof of “coporate” company shirts, even band shirts, that are a traditional mens cut shirt, never really get worn. They aren’t something I’d ever want to wear “out”. So I suggested we get a “ladies cut” v-neck “fitted” shirt for girls if they wanted them, and it was a HIT!

Here are some close up views of the design below:

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