Working with New Authors

I’ve had the privilege of working with and finishing the cover for author Marilyn Almodovar. I can’t wait to share it, because I have to say its been one of my absolute favorites, and I’m like on pins and needles to post it on my blog. I came across this Vlog by Lyn, that she posted right after I showed her the first round of her design. It made me smile to see her excitement in this vlog, and I thought I’d share it with you all as well.


As well as that, I got a new author who left me with a wonderful comment via e-mail on how  they found me, and it made me feel very good, and I had to share the blurb:

“How did we find you? Well, we got this cover art from my friend and we were disappointed with it, so we typed in Young Adult Novel Cover Art in Google to compare and just started perusing covers that came up in images. The image of one of your Saraquael novel covers stuck out so we clicked on it and went to your site and we were instantly impressed. That tells me that your covers will grab a potential reader’s attention right away if we picked yours out of literally hundreds of others then I think others will too. I bet your authors get good sales.”

I still don’t know how it happend that I came to doing covers, but I know that I love it, and I have Raine Thomas to thank, for putting me out there in the social networking world and passing around my name to other authors.

I’m also adding a new addition to my authors purchase that they are getting with their book covers now…I wont tell you, other than Im not charging any more for it, its just a bonus that each will get. It’s a surprise!! 🙂 But I KNOW they will love it. (Previous authors, I will be sending you this too!)


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