“Waiting”…for an impatient personality…


Our female American Bulldog Reo is pregnant, and is ready to have puppies any minute. With a gestation period of only 63 days, It seemed really quick, but the closer it got to 63 days (as far as we could guess), the more impatient I became. “Pop ’em out already!” I’d say to her. “Aren’t you READY….YET?!” I say, while looking into her gorgeous hazel eyes…yet she just looks at me with puzzlement, and love. “I have no idea what you are telling me dear human…but I love you.” (This is what I assume she is telling me). 

She is currently sitting in her whelping box as they call them. We bought one from EZWhelp.com. It came and was actually really easy to put together, and is completely reusable and easy to take apart and store until “next” time. 

I’ve been reading blogs, and websites about what to expect when your “expecting” puppies…and the basics are that dogs gestation periods are typically 63 days but can be more or less. Some icky greenish stuff will come out right before she starts “whelping” (term for having pups), and you can expect them in 30 min, from that point. Dogs typical temperature is at 101-105 degrees, and once you’re female (I refuse to say the “B-word” even thought I know thats what they are called, but in this case Reo is anything but what that word is used in the vulgar sense, so its hard to say that for me), is below 100 degrees 99.9-98 or so, you can expect pups within 24 hours.

Well this morning I noticed the expecting mama to be just laying around, and sorta “meh” today. So, I decided to check her temperature, and low and behold she went from 100.7 to 99.7. Soooo Since about 1 o’clock today…I’ve just been sitting with her and prepping the “whelping” room/bed for her. But now….I wait….and waaait….and wait….

Expect MANY puppy pictures soon! 🙂

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