Nimbi, waking up from slumber…

Hey everyone,

I’ve taken a nice long break from Nimbi stuff while I moved and got re-situated with my new daily life, home and busy full-time job. But while I was “napping”, I did have a couple projects that I wrapped up for book covers in the meantime. I finally branched out and did my first NON-Young Adult book, and did a cover for an adult Women’s Fiction book. The author, who I met through her girlfriend that I had done other freelance work for, asked me about doing her cover, not realizing I had done YA book covers for awhile now. The best part is, she loved my name and it’s unique spelling, so she named her main character after me, after checking with me that it was alright to use it, and its spelling. So the book is called Devan’s Story: Blue Hydrangeas (The Vancouver Series). Here is the cover:

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