ParaNorman, August isn’t Soon Enough…

A local animated film studio, who also created one of my favorite films “Coraline”, Laika, is coming out with a new animated stop motion animated film, “ParaNorman”. The story is about a boy who isn’t quite “normal” to those around him. He’s sort of the outcast, and a unique character. He has a love for all things zombie, and scary movies. When I saw the preview for the first time, I instantly was excited…I mean, a zombie alarm clock…a zombie toothbrush!…and a crazy lil’ boy character making foamy zombie faces in a mirror with his toothpaste while moaning like a zombie…”I LOVE this kid!” I thought! As the preview progresses you learn that Norman, see’s the paranormal. He see’s ghosts and can talk to them just like he can with a living being. He has a side-kick friend who is probably the only person living in his small town that doesn’t think he’s a freak of nature. A witches curse has come to life 300 years later, and its up to Norman, who can talk to the dead to help save his town, as the dead rise to take over the town. The movie is to be out in theaters this August…and I cannot wait! I love Laika, and I loooove that this is a movie about zombies! 🙂 I can’t wait to start rocking my Norman gear soon! 🙂

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