A Week in California

I got to go on a fun business trip to San Jose and then to San Francisco to the 2012 MacWorld convention. It was so much fun. And the Bay Area couldnt have looked any better. It was soooo warm and sunny! Just made for an even better trip and lots of wonderful Vitamin D! šŸ™‚

So much fun happend, we ran into comedian Dave Chappell at MacWorld, and I got some awesome fun new gadgets for my iPad, iPhone and software for my iMac. Including, new stylus pens and paintbrushes for my iPad, a cool attachable camera for the iPhone that lets you take Fisheye shots, wide-angled shots, and macro shots with your iPhone. I bought a little plastic deal that connect to your iPad that moves the sound from the back of your iPad forward towards you which makes the sound loud. If you have an iPad or iPhone you’ve done the whole hand cupping around the speakers…well this solves that.

My favorite the Mimobot people were there! They have the cuuuuutest USB drives, custom designed to be awesome pop-culture characters. Last year I bought a Hello Kitty one, and this year I bought a Emily the Strange, Darth Vader, Chewy, and Wonder Woman drives. And I received a awesome Darth Vader t-shirt with my purchase. I got a new keyboard for my iPad that isĀ separateĀ and connects to any blue tooth device like your phone, Apple or Android. And my favorite which I am currently installing now is my new Topaz Software. Its all these different Photoshop plugins that allow you to do amazing photoshop tricks that I can’t wait to use on my new book covers coming out soon!! (4 currently in the works).

Here are some pics from my trip. Ohhh I miss the sun already.

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