Macworld 2012 Trip

So today my journey towards MacWorld started. Last year my best friend and I went to MacWorld and had a blast, and decided we needed to do it again. It’s been a trip I’ve been looking forward to. Not to mention the addition of both of us winning the $500 shopping spree each to spend AT MacWorld!

In my full time job day-to-day, I am a mobile app designer. Basically I create the pretty graphics and buttons you click on in a iPhone or iPad app on your device. I love my job and it’s an exciting avenue in design. Tomorrow I get to go to work and meet with my colleagues in San Jose and work with and meet new people who do what I do, and I’m very excited about it, and making new connections. I want to blog this week about my week as the days go on, so here it goes:

Earlier this morning…

I was in a bit of a frenzy after realizing that I actually had to start packing and getting my stuff together for this trip. It wasn’t until 2:30-3 that I finally got to leave my house and get coffee and a quick bite at Starbucks on my way to the bank and store. To tell you how frazzled I was and in dire need of some caffeine, after I purchased my coffee and got my change and receipt back from the barista, I started out the door and grabbed my keys, before I realized, I left my coffee and banana loaf bread. Fabulous.

My best friend and I got to the airport in plenty of time, and sat around and chatted, got onto our plain to San Jose, and we’re talking about what we’d expect to find this year at MacWorld, that we can guilt free spend our $500 winnings on.

When we landed we grabbed our bags and headed for the car rental center, got our car info and rode the elevator to the car port where our shiny white Chevy Cruze was waiting for us. We load up the car with our luggage, and get inside. “Where the hell is the ignition?” I asked. Ooooh the technology with a “Push this button to start and feel like an idiot because when you bush this button the car won’t start and we won’t tell you why button”. So after 10 minutes of figuring it out then realizing like any car foot on break first while starting the car, you will have magic appear. Wow did I feel like a cave woman. (and I’m supposed to be super into technology….I’m sorry my ’99 VW Jetta is now considered almost classic, with it’s old school key ignition.).

We headed out of the car port, and started on our way before “…wait..why isn’t the car shifting?” I said. Then Liz asked, “Why is it soooo loud?” so we pulled off to the side of the road, and we’re trying to figure out what the deal was…ohhhh…so this car automatic car has a “manual” option….seriously? So once the car was finally in “drive” and able to shift on its own, we headed to our hotel with the wonderful fragrance of ode de skunk on our way.

Tomorrow I get to work and spend time with some pretty rad people, and then, Wednesday, off to drive to San Francisco, for MacWorld 2012!!!

Until tomorrow.

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