Becoming a Digital Fashionista

I have recently stumbled upon a fun website called I’ve been having fun creating outfits and being able to post them on

Pollyvore is a tool online that lets you find clothes on the internet and see the costs and be able to put together your own photo collage of an outfit look from shoes to necklaces and everything else in between. I created this look a little while ago, and added it to the “My Style” Pinterest board I have. I’ve also added a hair and eyeshadow look that I think would be fabulous with this outfit.

I love this shadow because it’s bright and simple. It’s just very natural looking and gorgeous.

For your hair, what’s better than a “messy” inside-out bun? Its up and done, but is simple and easy to do.


5 thoughts on “Becoming a Digital Fashionista

    • devanescence

      You know Im not sure…I’ll have to find a good tutorial video on YouTube. Im pretty sure its fairly simple. If I can’t find one, I may attempt to try one, though my hair isnt quite long enough yet. 🙂


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