Classic Fashion Gone Modern: Kim Novak

Kim Novak, is one of my favorite actresses, and 1950’s fashionistas. Two of her most popular movies of all time, are to this day two of my favorite classic films, Alfred Hitchcock’sVertigo“, and a perfect Halloween style film “Bell, Book and Candle“. In both films she costarred with actor James Stewart. Their on screen connection was just impeccable and irresistible to watch, time and time again.

The quality of Kim Novak, that is different from other actresses of her time, was her mystery. She had this mysterious quality about her, in her fashion and her looks. Always making you wonder what she knew that you didn’t. It was a big reason why she was one of Hitchcock’s leading blonde ladies in his films. She just fit the mark.

I wanted to take some images of her and then come up with a look, today, that would represent her and her mysterious style. So here we go:

My Inspiration:

The Look:
(click on the images to be directed to where you can find these items. *if available)

Rent the

Have you heard of “Rent the” yet? How about “borrowing” a dress, including the one above for only $50, like a purse on Bag, Borrow and Steal!

Those adorable shoes…are only $28! Coats can be tricky and depends on your style I loved this one because of the red liner! Click here for the cape.

Seriously! Try Butter London! It’s THE BEST nail polish I have ever purchased. NO, it isn’t cheap, but its going to stay beautifully on your nails for at least a full week if not 2. It doesnt crack and chip and can handle the work. TRUST me, I’m a crafter, and designer, I’m always in harms way for my nails. You can get it at Nordstroms, or online here. Get the Trio set, its what makes it last longer (base, color, top coat).

For your hair, try this tutorial by Keiko Lynn, her cute hair do is so simple, and suprisingly quick to do. I used it for my hairdo for New Years eve, but added a side pony. For this look, with the gorgeous neckline of the dress, and to be a true Kim Novak fashion icon, you want your neck exposed, so an updo is the only way to show the beauty of the dress, and your neck. This look is all about confidence, mystery and elegant beauty.

For your makeup, there are sooo many wonderful tutorials online, if you got Pinterest and search for “Winged eye liner” Im sure the above image will come up, and you’ll find lots of video and picture tutorials. Its a clean look, and such a WOW! factor to finish the look.

This IS the 21st century! Clutch bags are great, but THIS is revolutionary! Perfect in its simple look, but its elegant and still has the ability to hold your iPhone 4! Now thats mystery!

I hope you enjoy this look!! Be sure to check out her films and see my two faves, if you never have! You’ll be hooked!

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