Can’t Beat a Personal Chef!

My wonderful boyfriend, is an amazing cook. He is always experimenting and coming up with absolutely delicious meals for me to “officially taste test”. We had a couple friends come over for dinner on Sunday night, and our menu wasn’t exactly “themed”, but it was delicious, and Im sure a few hundred calories.

Stuffed pork, with apples, veggies and cheese, then what other way to finish it off with it being wrapped in pieces of bacon. To serve, we sliced it about half an inch thick and smothered delicious homemade dijon gravy:

And for the non-meat eaters that were with us, fried veggie spring rolls that were aaammmazing! So good, while I was talking our dog took mine right out my hand:

Not everyone is fan of these veggies, I understand, but I personally LOVE brussel sprouts, and normally we eat them with bacon and glazed onions, but this time we grilled them in EVOO and then roasted them in the oven, and they were superb:

If I wasnt so hungry by the time he was done cooking, I might have taken the time to get a picture of my food plated, but I couldnt wait to eat! He also baked a pork rib that we sliced later on the new deli slicer I bought him for Christmas, and made yummy pork rib sandwiches for lunch.

It pays to have a man who knows how to cook around. 🙂

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