What are YOU doing New Years Eve?

My dear friends (minus a few) and I are all getting together this year, having a wonderful evening fancy dinner all dressed up, and then an evening on the rooftop of The Nines, hotel in Downtown Portland, Oregon. New Years is one of those holidays, that I see as a wonderful reason to just dress up, be with friends and loved ones, and just to celebrate the NEW year. Of course, I’m never opposed to a night indoors with some good Chinese take-out, and watching the ball in Times Square New York City drop on television.

To get ready for the day…my best friend and her roommate and I went shopping yesterday to find JUST the right pieces. I’ve also been using Pinterest to find some ideas for what to do with my hair tomorrow night.

Here is my very classic 1950’s style dress from Macy’s for only $69.00, with sparkly heels to boot (I ❤ my heels!) Did I mention they were only $29 at Love Culture. Classic heal with a million sequence for that little bit of glimmer on your feet. And of course glamourous accessories from Love Culture as well (great place for fun and decent priced accessories).

And now a fabulous song from one of my favorite “classic” women…Zooey Deschanel, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing a duet called “What are you doing New Years Eve?”

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