Best Christmas Ever!!

My boyfriend is the best I gotta say it. Because its the truth. Something I have been SERIOUSLY needing for my Nimbi stuff, is the ability to take good, high quality images. And since I work full time, when I get home, especially in the winter time, its dark outside, so I resort taking bad lighted pictures with my Nikon D40, and then having to adjust them as best as I can in Photoshop, or waiting until I have time on the weekends while there is daylight. But being in the Northwest doesnt always allow for being outside either. Honestly I don’t blog about some stuff as often as I would like, because I know I can’t get as good of a picture when I want to blog.

Well…thats all over now. One of the many amazing gifts I received this year from my boyfriend was a portable photo studio. It came with 2 different sized light boxes, a tiny one, perfect for details of jewelry and small things, and a larger one for much bigger things like clothing or artwork, etc. It came with the lights, and stands, a adjustable camera stand, and different colored backdrops for both sizes, as well as the carrying case to take the entire studio with me. So I obviously HAD to drag it out and see what it does. And I have to say, its AMAZING! All the shots I took of some twine I have turned out so good, and I dont really need to edit anything at all. Im so happy and so excited to get to use this on all my future projects. I took some shots of the small studio lightbox as well as the bag/brand name, if you are interested in gettin’ one yourself.

ALONG with that I have to just say I am also now the happy owner of 1 stock of the Green Bay Packers football team, my favorite team since I was about 10 years old. I actually get to be involved in making decisions by voting. It was an awesome gift! My boyfriend just knows me so well! 🙂


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