Dragon of a Warrior

I consider myself an artist, an illustrator, a designer, a manipulator of image and typography. But after doing it for so many years, you start to develop your own “look” or style, without even realizing you have one sometimes. This latest project was a bit of a challenge for me, only because it was taking on a style I haven’t ever played with before. Dragons. I love them, I play Skyrim, read books that have fantastical characters and dragons, and I am in love with the television series Game of Thrones on HBO. So, I was interested, but challenged. Which is sometimes a very good place to be as a designer.

My client asked for a edit of a logo they currently had, they wanted it cleaner, and with a fiercer looking dragon. It was for a client called Brass Ring. And they have a dragon who’s tail is looping around a warrior style, almost viking looking sword, with a brass ring  around it. Their original, was just a few images together that were pixelated and needed love. So I re illustrated the entire piece and tried to give them what they wanted. In the end they were very happy with the result, and I have a new piece thats nothing like any other branding I’ve done in my book yet.



Final Design:

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