Elements: Veil of Darkness Cover Release

After the release of the Daughters of Saraquel Trilogy by Raine Thomas, I’ve had numerous authors of the YA genre coming to me asking me to design their book covers as well. It’s been fun, and the best part, is that the authors I have been able to work with have truly become more than clients, they’ve become new friends. Kate Fuentes, author of the Elements series, is no exception. She was truly a complete delight to work with. We even spent several conversations just chatting about retro pinup girl style clothing, Sons of Anarchy tv series on FX, and so much more. We are even going to get to meet up soon, and I can’t wait. She is like a long lost sister!

Needless to say working with her on her 2nd book release of the Elements series was fantastic. And I was so happy to give her what she wanted. I’ve even started reading book one just so I can start getting a grasp for the story, and I gotta tell you, I’m truly not much of a reader, but I’m hooked! I definitely recommend starting this series as I can see its going to be a huge success. I hope that the cover design I created helps in that, and helps her book pop out to the YA audience.

Kate, THANK YOU. For truly being an amazing client, and new friend. You are a wonderful person, an amazing writer, and I can’t wait to continue to work with you on the rest of the series.

Here is Book 2:


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3 thoughts on “Elements: Veil of Darkness Cover Release

  1. Kate Fuentes

    It is I who am truly blessed by your work and our new friendship! You’re an amazingly talented young woman and I CANNOT wait to get started on book three’s cover! I also am completely stoked about our shopping trip in January! Big hugs! Kate


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