Every Artist Needs Time to Reflect…

So, I guess it’s been a little while since I blogged last. Whoops. 🙂 I’ve honestly just been trying to work on some freelance projects, focus on work, and family the last couple months. I’ve also been trying to figure out other ideas and opportunities for myself with Nimbi and other paths.

I’ve been working on more book covers, for the YA audience…I did the trilogy for author Raine Thomas, Daughters of Saraquel, (which I am currently reading right now). After I did her covers, I’ve been getting emails from several authors asking me to do cover art for them too, my current client, who is one of the coolest clients, its like workin’ with myself, Kate Fuentes. Her series is called Elements, the first book is out already, and I’m finishing up the design for the 2nd cover, and will soon be on the third. With a few more book covers coming as well, that I can’t talk about just yet. So, stay tuned. OH! Also, Raine’s books are now available in paperback! So you should definitely order them!

Up and coming things to look for that Im working on right now are:

New invitation designs
More jewelry on Etsy
YA Book Covers
Christmas Cards/Gifts/Ideas for DIY
FINALLY the BIG one…my latest project…uidex.com, a new website for User Interface designers, specifically for iPhone, iPad application design. More to come on that in the next few months…for UI designers, its going to be a all in one DESIGNER based tutorial website for you to learn what you need to know to design a good functioning app, that is user friendly, and beautifully designed. I’ll be teaching basic x-code, and will have downloadable tutorials, templates, and more. (this is my other love…so it gets it own brand, cuz it doesn’t quite fit Nimbi).

Happy Holidays! And stay tuned for much more on Nimbi!

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