Etsy “Private Listing” Photo Shoot

I thought it would be cute/funny to have my dog with a sign that said “Nimbi Private Listing” for my Etsy private listing graphic for custom orders. I obviously had to take several attempts before I found the right one, and before my dog lost his adorable patients with me. So here is some funny outtake’s from the photo shoot, but first the Final image:



And noooow….for the outtake’s:

"Photoshoot? Like this??" -Mac


"oookay fine....but that was my 'better angle'". -Mac
"Ya know Mom, this cotton letterpress paper tastes pretty good!" - Mac


"Annd POSE!...I look cute rolled over, don't I Mom?" -Mac


"I can make a face? You want a face? How 'bout this?" - Mac


"Are we done yet? WHATS THAT?!?" - Mac

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