New Letterpress Stationary Sets

I have put up just a few of the selection of letterpress designs I am going to offer at my Etsy shop. New designs being made into plates soon as well. It’s funny when you think “I’m going to offer ____.” on your Etsy shop, but then you realize there is a way you have to make enough to show for your shop display on that item, without over making stuff, and still showing options. The best I could come up with was showing a blank print with no ink color, and 1 with a ink color…so that I could crank out a few in one sitting I stuck with a blue ink to kinda match the background cloud images I use and sorta the Nimbi “theme”. So hopefully it looks good, and makes sense.

I also used my custom made Nimbi plate, that I illustrated and had sent off to make a plate. But because of the detail on it, Im a little hesitant to print it with ink, because I love how it looks without ink. So I might have another one sent off to be my “inking plate”…so that when I want a clean one I will know its going to be clean, and no hidden spots of ink hiding in the crevices.

So don’t forget to click on the link to my Etsy shop on the right sidebar and see more of what I got in the shop…more to come, but in the meantime this is my new designs so far:

Here is sample of the inks available to get the letterpress sets done in.


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