“Kathy Beth Terry” Photoshop Manipulation

If you don’t know already, Katy Perry, one of my favorite pop female artists, has a new “personality” named Kathy Beth Terry. It’s the main character from her latest music video “Last Friday Night“. Which a parody off of the popular YouTube video by Rebecca Black “Friday“. Rebecca Black was ALSO featured in Katy Perry’s music video, as well as Kenny G, Hanson, Debbie Gibson, Kevin McHale (of Glee), Darren Criss (also of Glee), and Corey Feldman.

Currently Kathy Beth Terry’s Facebook page (yes she gave her personality a FB Fan page), you can take pictures from their green screen photos and submit a Photoshop manipulated picture with those images. So I did, cuz I love Photoshop, and I’m fairly quick at Ps. So these are my original images WITH the submissions, enjoy!


The Original Kathy Beth Terry image:

Which I turned into:

Then I took THIS photo:

And did this one (my favorite):

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