Lion and cloud and iOS5 OH MY!

The Apple nerd in me, feels ashamed for not watching the many live streams of the WWDC conference going on right now in San Francisco. But I’ve gone back to review all the latest features and new additions to the wonderful world of Apple, and what I got was ridiculously excited. There is a new iPhone OS, iOS5, which will be available in the Fall it looks like, though some developers already have the SDK to play with now. There is the new OS for desktop computers, Lion, which looks pretty amazing, and it appears as if they’ve taken some awesome features from the iPad and iPhone and added it to the desktop platforms, which is exciting. So now your Apps that you can get from your App Store for Mac’s has a app preview similar to the iPad, and even allows you to put apps together in folders, just the same. It also allows new mouse gestures, like “pinch” and “swipe”.  It finally feels like the computer is now cohesive with the iPhone and iPad. Which I love. Then there is the Cloud. Finally a way for us Apple freaks, to sync all of our apps, music, photos and more to all our many different iDevices. That has honestly been one of the most annoy pet peeves of mine with Apple, is when I download an app to my iPad or iPhone, its not just automatically visible to connect to the opposite device. So this is an awesome advancement in my opinion.

Here are some images from different site that talked about the keynote, including Gizmodo and Engadget.

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