“The Pitch”: A game for creatives.

My friend came across this link on Kickstarter, and I wanted to share with you all this awesome idea, that I personally would LOVE to see out in print. First, if you aren’t aware, Kickstarter is a website that allows the public to help fun people’s creative projects by donating any amount they like to help people get an idea or business off the ground. I’ve had a couple successful friends use this program and it’s completely helped them move forward, so I am a big supporter of it, and recommend those with the funds to help out even $1, can go along way, you should definitely check out kickstarter.com.

So back to the idea. The Project: The Pitch. The Creator: Fatimah Kabba, a designer and recent graduate from SVA in NYC. The game looks completely fun for creatives in design and marketing. To visit Fatimah’s Kickstarter page for this game, CLICK HERE.  Check out her images below taken by Nick Bologna. Here is the game description from Fatimah’s website:


All great design begins with one thing: a great idea. This idea is the root of every well produced, beautiful, or savvy execution. Whether it’s the representation of a brand by understanding the audience, the consideration of a books content when creating a cover design, or the basis of apolitical campaign that goes on to influence millions. As designers we have the ability to influence a world that is more aware of and impacted by design than it realizes.


Communicate the premise of graphic design and make it accessible to everyone, especially non-creatives, and create a product that helps us form a community, collaborate, and invent, exactly what I believe design intends to do.


Create the game of graphic design. A game that allows everyone, not just designers or creatives, but your younger brother, your grandma who can’t click a computer mouse or your best friend who’s an economics major, to better understand and engage in the creative process.



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