Angry Birds?? Pssh..How about Angry Zombies!

Image by tomasz-kaczkowski

I was looking on the App store recently and found a new Zombie game, and probably one of the simplest but funnest games I’ve played in awhile. Its tricky, and there is a method to how it works. But the best part about THIS particular zombie game, is you aren’t trying to kill off the zombies, you are the Zombie creator and ruler. You’re goal, is to try and infest the entire world with zombies, attacking everything that comes at you, preists, bombers, Street Fighter’s with mean kicks, and hex givers. Once you infest every country in a continent you receive bonus points for infesting and destroying the entire continent.

Yea, sure, maybe a little more morbid in the idea that you are TRYING to destroy the world, and by zombie. But its awesome. The more you attack and kill the more coins you receive, the more coins you receive the more juiced you can make your zombies in the Zombie Labs. You can add new types of zombies to your attack team, add the quantity of zombies, and add to their strength, power, and more.

Its an awesome game, I believe its available for iPad and for your iMac(what I play it on). Definitely give it 5 stars! Check it out!

Here are some images of the Angry Zombie game in action:

One thought on “Angry Birds?? Pssh..How about Angry Zombies!

  1. Annabelle

    I erased all of my Angry Bird apps after Snowden revealed that the government is spying on you through this app. I don’t want the government to know how much of my life I wasted playing this game.


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