Officially Obsessed with UX Design

I have finally stumbled upon the secret hidden and hard to find world of UX Designers. I see books and read things here and there, but I finally came across a ton of websites, blogs, tv, radio and video of amazing UX Designers and information. Including relevant books. At work I’ve been moved towards working in this world, which is a bit of a transition from my traditional background of print and Pantone. But I’ve loved it so far, and am feeling like a sponge that is anticipating its first use of soaking up all the information it possibly can. I finally feel like I’ve gotten in on all those articles and tools I’ve been looking for. I will share these in time with reviews and such…but I first wanted to start off with these awesome I ❤ UX Design videos from lyle @

I luv UX Design Part I

I Luv UX Design Part II

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