A Much Needed Crafty Weekend!

My friend Andrea, who I have known since about the 7th grade drover herself over to Portland from Bend to spend the weekend with me crafting and attending the amazing Scrapbook Convention that was going on this weekend! I was definitely taken back by all the awesome scrapbook tools, papers and embellishments. But Andrea and I didn’t stop there, we took a trip to some local places like Collage, Jo-Anne’s Fabric, and Craft Warehouse (in Gresham). I probably spent a little more than I should of, but with the deals and the projects I’ve been wanting to do and avoiding because of whatever reason, it just made sense to get what I needed. So here are some of the projects I did this weekend, some are still in a half-way point, and others are finished…but so far awesome!

Andrea got me on my new sewing machine, that my awesome boyfriend bought me for Christmas! I have used it since I got it, but for small things really, minus the Princess costume I made and stupidly forgot to take pictures of  for a friend’s daughter’s 3rd birthday. But I have always avoided patterns, and things I felt were to complicated like bags, clothes, etc. But Andrea had me make my first bag, a pattern she’s used before and took me through the process of following a pattern. My fear is gone. 🙂 Here are pictures of my first bag:

The next thing I did was work on some fun femo necklace pieces. I made nerd glass (with tape…alla Andrea), a cloud and stache. Here are pics of those:

And finally some cute cards with a Japanese theme, from some adorable paper I found at the convention. 🙂

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