A Needle Felted iPhone Case…Of COURSE.

Except no. 🙂  It could totally work, but this was my first random attempt and I had no idea where to start, so I decided to just go for it and see what I came up with. I think its definitely cute, and I obviously added a “nimbi” rain cloud for extra added cuteness…but going through the experimental steps to make this one, I figured out things along the way that I will need to consider and do if I really want to make one. Things I considered, and why THIS version failed:

1. OBVIOUSLY…the camera. Wool roving is fuzzy and can leave little strands that will be in the view of the camera leaving blurry and hazy issues in shots…so something will need to go in that space to protect the clarity of the camera shots.

2. How is it going to actually stay in the “iPhone shape” so that it keeps its form? Have some thoughts, to firm the fabric and felt…

3. Needs to DEFINITELY be larger in scale. I made it the same size as my current iPhone cover. It’s a clear case from  Incase. Well with the thickness as you needle felt the phone no longer fits, and its sides dont cover the sides anymore.

4. How does it stay ON the iPhone? Well…now I’m curious about finding cheap (*laughs) iPhone cases that I can just adhere the final piece to.

5. Maybe avoid the wool roving all together, thought it makes it kinda cute an fluffy like a little pet, and also provides extra padding…I’ll have to see what will work the best.

This intrigued me, and now I want to find a solution…so here are some photos of how I created THIS version…maybe at some point I’ll try to do it again, and get it to PASS next time.

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