Simple Blanket Stitch 101

Here is a simple step-by-step “How-To” on how to do a blanket stitch. Follow the pics and little descriptions to learn how.

I decided to make a felted bird to add to a recovered book I made with gorgeous Japanese fabric that I bought from a great fabric store called “Bolt” on Alberta in Portland. I drew out the bird freehand on a piece of felt and cut him out, along with a branch and matching leaves.


The next thing is to pick your color of thread for the stitching. I use just white embroidery floss, you can usually buy sets of these at craft stores like Jo-Ann’s Fabric or Michael’s.


For me, I start this type of stitching weird probably, and maybe different the the “Way to do it”. But it works for me. 🙂  I usually just pick a corner to start at, you stick the needle from the back into the felt through to the front. Wrap it back around towards the back making a line from the inside of your felt  piece to the edge. Then I start the very next stitch…basically (for the first stitch only…) I try to go back through that same initial stitch from the back to go back through…then when I wrap it back around I move the next stitch about a quarter of an inch to the right (or left) and pull the stitch through,…see the next couple images to see what I mean.

Pull the needle through the loop that comes from that stitching…

Then pull the stitch tight.

Repeat that same process until your ends meet and you have stitched your entire piece together.

For this project I added a little blue button for his eye, and hot glued the bird, branch and leaves to the book cover. And it’s done.


Blanket stitching can be used decoratively like I did above, and also used to combine a couple pieces of fabric together. It’s a fun and pretty simple way to add something to your needle crafting projects.

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