Pin-Up Style Photo Shoot=Perfect Valentines Gift

I decided back in December that it would be awesome to have pictures of myself as a pin-up girl. I loooove that era, and everything about the pin-up look. So while on my trip to San Francisco, we stopped on Haight Street and almost specifically to see the Bettie Page Clothing store. I about died in the shop! Dresses, shoes, skirts, purses galore! I purchased a few key pieces that I’d been wanting to start my “new look”. So I contacted an old friend that does photography, Vivid Moments Photography, and then contacted my best friend Molly who lives out in Halsey, OR on a gorgeous old farm, and had it scheduled to have a photo shoot on the farm. Along with this I decided that it would be the PERFECT Valentines Day gift for my boyfriend. So with the timeline I picked my top 10 favorite shots and had her do the photo editing on them prior to Valentines so I could put together a quick little 12×12 photo album for him with the prints. Which he absolutely loved.

The shoot was a big confidence booster and now I love having such great shots of me to share and see myself in that “pin-up girl” look I love. I can’t wait to buy more clothes and things to go along with the pieces I’ve already gotten. I’m even considering doing another shoot again in the summer. Steph? You available?! šŸ™‚


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