More Coming to My Etsy Shop…and Workin’ With Friends Online

A picture I took this morning of what I have waiting for me when I get home. Several new pieces of jewelry ready for photographing and ready to be sold on etsy!

I’ve created goals for myself, and I’ve been sticking to them. Last night I finished posting up all the jewelry I had images for. I made some more pieces finished up some, and tonight I’ll be taking photographs with my soon to be mine “Nikon D40” camera. I have started to get really inspired by working so much, and finishing up projects, and especially posting them on to my Etsy shop. It’s really gratifying to see things up  there finally and to be able to share what I work on at home with friends and people via the interwebs.

Right now my shop will be highly jewelry heavy, but I have so much more coming, like letter pressed cards, orders for custom made invitations and business cards. Customized banners for  your etsy shops, and possible “package deals” for a logo design, banner and business cards. I have needle felted plushies, repurposed accessories, ornaments, purchasable “hot-to’s” for DIY projects, greeting cards, stationary sets, etc.

SOOO many things coming. I hope you continue to stay tuned and are as excited about what’s coming as I am. I wish I had more hours in the day so that I could spend more time on getting stuff up and created. I have lots of new ideas coming too, but I need to finish current projects in hand first, and I’m just making a list in my new “handy-dandy Nimbi-Notebook” (may future reference it as: HDNN). I still highly suggest to those who might be struggling on motivation for working on at home projects…get on a video chat using iChat, or Skype with some fellow creative friends like me. It’s so helpful. Honestly…50% of the time we don’t even talk…but it’s like you have that person working with you and being creative, and someone to ask questions to or suggestions on things. I get to be productive with some of my best friends every evening, and friends who are all over the state of Oregon, some out of state. It makes you feel like you get to be social, and productive all at once. I recommend trying it out. Great “new wave  bonding time with girlfriends”.


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