Fantastic Designs by Milk-Tooth

A dear friend of mine, and quite honestly my favorite artist  (lucky me) and my birthday twin…Lisa Kline has a adorable line of fabric patterns on, which is sort of the Etsy of fabric. Artist all over submit their designs and patterns, and buyers can go online and buy as much of the fabric as they like.

Lisa’s niche is fabric for Blythe dolls. So the patterns are smaller, but just the right size for those crafty-crafters, like myself, who love to create little dresses and clothing for Blythe’s. I went to school for Graphic Design with Lisa, at Pacific Northwest College of Art in the Portland Pearl District. Lisa or “Risa” as I call her, is one of the funnest girls I know, and working with her on crafty projects is always such a blast. Back in 2007…wow, I can’t believe it’s been that long ago…we both went to Tokyo, Japan, and I think being their has really inspired both of us. Someday we both want to go back.

Lisa, like myself does more than just 1 type of work. But I think her strongest and most talented skill is to illustrate. She has the most creative characters and images for design. She’s a very talented person, and I know one day she will be a name people in our world know internationally. So much talent in one individual. I’m so lucky to have such a talented person as such a good friend. Below are some images of her patterns on Spoonflower, and some images of her other work. See the links below for more as well. And follow Lisa’s blog at

Thanks for reading!

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