Etsy Shop FINALLY Up!

After a long process of me organizing a bunch of items I have had ready for sale, by taking photographs and writing descriptions, and getting store policies and banners created. I FINALLY posted up my first 8 listings on my shop. Now when people say “Oh! I need to check out your etsy!” I don’t have to put my head down and say “Weeell, I don’t exactly have anything UP on etsy….yet.”  I have SO much more to put up, considering that the 8 items I have are only 8 of about 60+ necklace charms I have available, AND I have other categories. So small step forward, but really, a big step for me to feel motivated to push forward.

The biggest motivator was going to MacWorld in San Francisco. Not just the MacWorld event but being there with my friend Liz, who is now my “Accountabilabuddy”. I gave her a list of my goals and we now video chat in the evenings while we are both working on our business ventures. It’s like having that motivational friend with you, but you are both in your own comfy homes with all of your own tools and comforts. It really is helping to have a “coach” and someone to be accountable to. Much like working out…if your own brain doesn’t make you accountable, like mine, I can push things off and not focus on the things I really want and need to be focusing on. But now…I feel accountable to Liz. She knows what my goals are and my deadlines for myself and what I want to accomplish…so everyday while she’s working on her business, Artisan Cake Company, she can check on me and see what I’ve done. I got to say, actually being able to say “Guess what I accomplished today! PLUS!….” makes me feel so accomplished, and excited to keep pushing forward.

So, visit my Etsy!

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