San Francisco: MacWorld 2011!

APPLE!! Did I mention how much I love Apple, and Apple products? My very talented and dear friend Elizabeth Marek, owner of Artisan Cake Company in Portland, OR came down to San Francisco with me last week for a 4 day trip to explore MacWorld 2011 at the Moscone Center. We both volunteered our time to IDG Events and received free admission to the Expo and 3 Passes to conference sessions of our choice. The entire trip honestly couldnt have gone ANY better. All the places we ate at were amazing, and all stumble upon or found using our Yelp! Apps on our Apple mobile devices. I feel like we were somehow able to pile up so much stuff to do, and never felt overwhelmed or rushed. The people of San Francisco were so nice, and friendly. Always meeting someone new to talk to either on the bus or in a shop.

All the fun gadgets and Apps that were available at the Expo for MacWorld were awesome. It was huge, and completely overwhelming when you walk in. We ended up taking it in pieces allowing us to hit certain spots and explore. Some companies had really fun and amazing things, and others I felt were not exactly something anyone would ever really need.

With the sessions, I learned a lot. But I also wish they would have offered more. As a graphic designer and small business owner, I got a lot more on the small business side of things, but wish I could have learned more as a designer. I didn’t feel the classes were wasted, just could have been a little more for creatives like me. Otherwise the entire show was awesome! And I definitely want to go again next year.

Here are some fun photos from our trip:


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