Crazy Couple of Weeks

So it’s been a little crazy, seems like every couple weeks or so, something happens. Unfortunately this was not a very happy time for me and my family. A couple weeks ago, my grandfather was taken to the hospital because he wasn’t doing very well. My grandma and Dad thought he could have had a stroke or something by his behavior changes. When he was taken in, he went in for an Cat Scan and they found a large tumor in his brain. Turns out he has stage 4 Cancer. A day after they found the tumor, they sent him into brain surgery to try and remove the tumor. They did an amazing job, and the surgery went better than expected. They were able to remove 90% of the tumor, and he will be going in for radiation and chemo treatment soon. He seems to be doing much better. And I am so happy to have him around. My grandpa is the man who taught me about fly fishing, and going on hikes, camping and eatin’ ice cream!

I’ll be posting some pictures soon of him and I on here as soon as I gather them up. 🙂

Besides that my “sister” and best friend Sarah is truckin’ her way today down to Arizona where she’s moving. I’m going to miss her so much. Not sure yet what I’ll do with her gone. But at least I have a warm vacation place to go visit every now and then. But either way I miss her already.

Other than that…it’s been hectic at work, and trying to get things rollin’ with Nimbi. But it’s all getting there in due time.

Just wanted to update. 🙂

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