Help one of My BEST Friends Make it on The Biggest Loser!

One of my absolute best friends in the world, Louie is trying to get onto the show The Biggest Loser. All of his friends, myself included are working as hard as we can to help him get noticed and doing our part to show NBC that they need to pick Louie.

I met Louie back in 2003, when I was working for Walt Disney World as an intern. I was working at the Disney Studios at Backlot Express. Louie worked as a part of the Outdoor Foods. Louie always stood out to me with his personality and humor. He was always coming into work smiling and making us laugh. Louie and I became good friends pretty quickly, especially since I love to laugh…I think he found that more amusing. At one point Louie informed me that he thought one of my best friends Jamie was really cute. So…I set up a Mickey’s Not So Scary trip at the Magic Kingdom, with Louie, Jamie, myself, and another friend Cassandra. To help Louie have some “time” with Jamie. They hit it off and at the end of the evening, in the middle of the Magic Kingdom, Louie grabbed Jamie’s hand, and jokingly got down on one knee and asked Jamie to marry him.

Little did we know that they would still be so happy together and had a wonderful wedding which they asked me to be in this year, with a Cinderella theme of course. I love those two so much, I was so happy they invited me to be apart of their big day, and I was so happy that I was the one who helped them get together!

Louie is the most genuine human being you will ever meet, and would do anything for any one of his friends. He is absolutely hilarious and my stomach is always in utter pain from laughing so hard after spending time with him. He’s such a happy person and I dont care how down you are, he can ALWAYS put a smile on  your face. I was lucky enough to see both Louie & Jamie twice this last year, with 2 trips to Indy. Louie and I spent about 2 months planning a surprise visit to see Jamie, but the stinker ended up finding out just a few days before I arrived! She was still excited. They opened their home to me, showed me around their awesome city, and even took me to the art school, encouraging me to move to Indianapolis. Which honestly they did a good job of trying to convince me, I mean…who wouldn’t want to be around Louie & Jamie all the time? It’s why they have such great friends, they deserve them, and they are the best.

I would love Louie to be able to get on the Biggest Loser and achieve his goals. He is so loved and would be the person on the show that America completely falls for. There is no way anyone wouldn’t want him to succeed. He’s a hard worker and when he puts his mind to something, he’ll stick to it.

Please login to Facebook, and go to Louie on TheBiggestLoser and like his Fan page! Help him get noticed by NBC and get chosen to be on his show!

Here is Louie’s personal bio that he wrote to his new fans:

My name is James Humphries, but almost everyone knows me a Louie, and I’ve been overweight for most of my life.

My journey begins in Arkansas where I lived before moving to Indianapolis. I’ve always been a social person, so I made friends fast, but my group of friends wasn’t the only thing that started to grow – I did.

Despite my near-obesity, I played football and I wrestled, two sports which I love. If I had continued to play those sports, maybe I wouldn’t be where I am now, but the fact is that I graduated, went off to college, and gained over 100 pounds. Trust me. This sucks.

I took some time off from college and went to work for Disney World, where the most amazing thing happened – I met Jamie, who became my wife this past March.

That brings us to now. Currently, I’m a student at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, have a 3.5 GPA, and plan on moving on to Law School next fall.

I have everything in life that anyone could possibly want – friends, family, an education. What I don’t have though, if I continue this way, is a future. Both my parents are diabetic and suffer from heart disease. Between the two of them, they take more than twenty different medications on a daily basis. I’m a pre-diabetic. It won’t be long before my pill bottles start to line up on the counter next to theirs.

Please support me in my journey to get healthy. My friends and family are the most important parts of my life, but I hate that when I say, “I’ll be there for you,” that I have no idea how long that will be.

Thanks to all of you who have already shown their support – you can’t imagine how much it means to me. I won’t let you guys down!

Here are some videos:

“If you see me running..”

On a more serious note:

Want to climb a tree?

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