Blog Not Forgotten

I have somehow misplaced my camera uploader. And because of that I am lacking in images for my blog, even though I keep taking the pictures. I promise to have some serious blogging back up soon! It’s been sort of a crazy couple of weeks to keep up. But I’ll make up with old and new blogs soon. Sorry! But here is a quick little list of what has happened and what is going to happen soon:

Muse Poster Contest! Congrats to my friend Liz Marek, for winning!
Here is a video of me and Liz with MUSE (my fave band on the planet!)
Muse Announcing Poster Winner

I will have more pictures soon from this event and the gallery show opening the previous Thursday.

Also, I will be teaching a Card Making class  at The Portland Paper Zone on April 17th! Check out the website for more information on my class and others! Don’t forget to pre-sign up to receive a discount for you and your friends! Classes also include a 15% off coupon for anything in the store!

I’ll be posting up more images on my blog about the pieces I plan on selling in my soon to be shop. So stay tuned.

Im also looking for great office/craft space ideas, on ways other people organize their work area’s. I feel like Im at a loss on the best way to get started with my space. I will post a pic of what I have to work with and hopefully get some feedback from you guys on what would best suit my needs. 🙂

Muse Concert: AMAZING!! I just want to say that the band and their concert was probably the best experience I’ve had in a long time! They are incredible live, and again I have video and pics from their show that I plan on posting soon. Im hoping this weekend.

How-to’s on card making, and other projects coming soon! PROMISE! LOL!

Thanks for checking my blog, and I hope you keep coming back to check out more stuff soon.

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