Nimbi Featured Friend: Mari Lee, Trulee Twisted

A new & dear friend of mine, and creative co-worker has an adorable collection of handmade wire jewelry that she creates herself and sells on Her name is Mari Lee, and her little shop is Trulee Twisted.  Mari is a very talented artist, and her whimsical pieces are “trulee” unique. I want to own one of every piece she has in her lil’ shop! Including the adorable bird nest and sparrow necklace above, which she’s selling on her Etsy shop right now for only $49! Thats a great price for a unique and handmade sterling silver beauty.

I talked to Mari, and she has agreed to take on a little project for me, she is working on making a unique wire design necklace of my Nimbi logo for me. A wire cloud with rain drops! I can’t wait to see what she comes up with! When I get it I will definitely post the pictures! Her work is beautiful and I suggest you check out her shop and support an amazing and wonderful artist and person!

Check out some of Mari’s other jewelry designs below and visit her Etsy shop at

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