I think I have an addiction…

About 2 years ago, if that even, I started collecting vinyl toys, mostly from KidRobot. Since moving into my new apartment I decided to take a group photo of my lil’ vinyl pals, and see them all together. I have 2 sets that are almost complete, and will need to look online to find the missing pieces. Some of them I purchases while I was in Tokyo back in 2007. And the rest I tend to buy at Missing Link on Hawthorne, in Southeast Portland. Probably one of my favorite stores, especially for creative inspiration.

There is something about buying a mystery box, not knowing what toy you are going to get in a collection. Opening your box, then the bag inside…then the instant smell you get of the freshly manufactured vinyl. It’s sort of addicting. I limit myself to a couple purchases a month or so. But I haven’t boughten any new characters for quite a few months, so today I bought 3 new ones., all by KidRobot. First was a new collection I think I might have to complete, Pure Trance by Junko Mizuno. I got Umeko & Takeko, artificial nurses created by the Director. Takeko has a calm personality whereas Umeko is a bit of a baby. They both have superior abilities in operations and their nurses’ caps are not removable as they are part of their bodies.

Next, another collection I need to complete, Brandt Peters Carnies. Another KidRobot product. These toys remind me of old Walt Disney black and white cartoons. And since I worked for Disney for a few years, I immediately had to grab one of these guys. The one I got is named Topsy, and lucky for me, he is a lil’ elephant, with a broken leg. (Elephants are my favorite animals). And he is sporting a fez and a blanket on his back with my favorite number “13” on it.

And finally I got another one called Scary Girl, swamp folk mini series. Nothing worse than getting the ONE toy you care least about as your FIRST toy! But its still pretty cool. I got “Swamp Elder”, as old as the trees and almost as stationary, the Swamp Elder is both a wise and fearful creature. It was only recently discovered that the Swamp Elder began his life as a reanimated skeleton, escaping its enchanter and hiding deep in the forgotten swamp lands. (I can’t find my camera cord to upload the images I took with it, so all I have is this one I took with my iPhone. I’ll add it later).

Here are a few more shots of the rest of my vinyl collection. Just for kicks. Now I just need to find the best way to display them in my office.

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