Baby, Moved, Wonderland, and Rest

This weekend was completely hectic!  I finished moving into my new apartment, which has been awesome, but I have been so exhausted. Saturday evening, I FINALLY saw Alice in Wonderland with some great friends and it was absolutely amazing! Im not sure how we managed to get an extra ticket to 20 min prior to the SOLD OUT show, but we did, and Im glad so that one of my other friends who didnt now if she could make it was able to come. Thanks theater! I also got a free Johnny Depp poster as I claimed it was my “Un-Birthday”. Tim Burton never lets me down. I loved the filming and animation. The costumes were amazing, and though definitely something you probably would see on the runway, it was great! I loved the transitions of Alice’s costumes. I even really enjoyed the Tweedle Twins…in the Disney animated version they drive me absolutely mad! But Burton’s version of the two were comical and lovable. Johnny Depp did a great job as an almost Scottish/Pirate/Mad Hatter…I noticed that his accent changed several times throughout, mostly when the character went from just plain nuts to MAD. It was awesome, Anne Hathaway had to have been one of my favorite characters in the movie, her role as the White Queen was amazing. She had me cracking up with her graceful floating and twirling, and dainty qualities. I personally LOVED the story that Burton created to go a long with it. It was a fantastic film, and I will have to see it again and again in IMAX 3D before it’s out of the theater. Too good to miss in my opinion.

I have a lot of work to do in the coming week, so my next MAJOR priority is getting my office back up and rolling. I love the amount of space I have now for all of my art, design and crafting. So please be patient with me as I get some of my regular blogs and work organized and running.

Also, a dear friend and little sister to one of my best friends had a baby girl on Friday, little baby Chloe. She is absolutely adorable! I just wanted to say congratulations again to Jake and Sharee on your beautiful new little one.

Hope you all had a great weekend, and got more rest than I did. 🙂



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